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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

National Africa, a transatlantic bridge between Africa and America!

Not too long ago, we were querried by a young African-American for emphasizing the settling of African immigrants coming to America more than African-Americans who want to go to their motherland in Africa. We at National Africa took the issue seriously into consideration and are now happy to say that, from January 2006, we would be promoting the "going to the motherland" agenda as well. Our representatives in Africa are ready to receive individuals and contingents who want to either go to Africa to explore their heritage or other opportunities. Unfortunately, we can only start from Ghana, West Africa at the moment.

Please, if you know any African American, or any American who want to go to Africa, but doesn't have any connection or doesn't know how, direct such people to us at, and we will ensure that their dreams of going to Africa comes true! Thanks for reading and happy new year!


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